Our Team

The board of the Matthew Farrell 5K Memorial Fund is comprised and operated by close friends of Matt. Growing up, we were and still are a closely knit group. To honor and continue Matt’s name and spirit we established this fund to give back to the community, as Matt did and wished to do. It has been our extreme pleasure to meet and see all of you at our fundraising events. Matt was a social guy, always great to be with and around, and a true pal to us all. We look to continue this energy by hosting these events, not only for a great cause, but to bring everyone together. We all thank you dearly for your continued support and we hope to see all of you at our next event!


Dan Wrestler (President)


Dan founded The Matt Farrell Memorial Fund in order to continue the impact Matt made in the Champaign-Urbana community. He has known Matt since childhood and were not only close friends, but also running buddies. He ran multiple half-marathons with Matt and completed his first full marathon in 2017 in Matt’s name. As President, Dan’s job is to motivate the team and ensure that all activities and outreach are done to continue the legacy Matt left behind.

Rose Barnes (Vice President)


Rose is currently serving as the Vice President of the Matthew C. Farrell Memorial Fund. Rose and Matt grew up together in Urbana, were good friends, and strong supporters of the arts and local libraries. As Vice President, Rose works with strategic planning, fundraising, outreach, and assisting with projects as needed. Her main focus is to to promote the progress and growth of the foundation, and ensure the successful advancement of the scholarship. 



Eliot Wasserman (Treasurer)


Eliot serves as the active treasurer for the Matthew C. Farrell Memorial Fund. Eliot grew up with Matt in Urbana, attended the same middle and high schools, and always knew him as a close friend. Apart from handling financial duties such as banking and disbursements, he also maintains the ledger of net and gross proceeds and tracks the financial success of individual events organized by the Fund.  Other activities have included maintenance of donor registries, drafting of bylaws, and discussion of tax and accounting issues with industry experts.  

Philipp Svinarski (Media Director)


Philipp serves as the media director and co-event coordinator. Philipp first met Matt in elementary school and grew up with Matt in Urbana. Philipp and Matt both went to school for Graphic Design and were often in communication about projects they were both working on. Philipp now lives in San Francisco and travels back to IL to help with coordinating events for the fund.



Zoe Savage (Race Director)


Zoe serves as the Race Director for the Matthew C. Farrell Memorial Fund helping plan and execute the Annual Matthew Farrell 5K.  Zoe first met Matt when he was in elementary school and grew up and became good friends who shared a love of art and the Champaign-Urbana arts community.   

Jithma Vidanagamage (Director of Education)


As the Director of Education and Scholarship, Jithma helps to fulfill the fund's mission to encourage the arts and education in the Champaign-Urbana community. She works with both UHS and Parkland College to identify talented, deserving students and to ensure a smooth disbursement process. Jithma knew Matt for many years and was a supporter of his creative endeavors. She also believes strongly in the quality of our educational institutions and is excited to contribute her time and expertise to the fund.

Jithma prof pic.jpg


Kevin Miller (Events Coordinator)


Kevin is an Entertainment Professional based in Champaign Illinois. He has worked as a professional DJ, Event Planner and Promoter for a decade plus. Kevin has worked with many venues and festivals in Chicago and Champaign as well as other areas around the country to provide quality entertainment with a unique vibe and ambiance. From small private events to major full scale music festivals you can count on a professional experience with Kevin. 

Jenna Halberstadt (At-Large Board Member)


Jenna Halberstadt serves as an at-large board member and adviser to the memorial fund. Her insight to the Champaign-Urbana business community and non-profit organizations have helped shape the Matthew C. Farrell Memorial fund's vision and mission. She provides guidance on various topics and points of discussion during board meetings and always considers alternative approaches towards improving the future of the organization. Her friendship with Matt started at Urbana Middle School, and the two of them remained close after she moved away from Urbana for college.